Yet Another Visual Artist

The artist Yet Another Visual Artist (y_a_v_a) is a wide-area internet art initiative to give universal access to a large universe of ideas.

Everything there is online about y_a_v_a is linked directly or indirectly to this document, including an executive summary of the projects, Maleglitch , Neuropolis N's

Hypersuprematist compositions taking Malevich into the 21st century.
The agreeing internet
Because we do not disagree.
The internet underexposed
Because we think more attention should be paid
La trahison des images
Magritte is responsive.
There's more to art than imagination alone
I'm too sad to tell you
BJA forever
l h o o q
W h a t   e l s e ?
All images are belong to us.
For the love of fame
Since Google is our reference. We've been Ranking the arts
Hommage à Vilmos Huszár
A painting from 1917, animated.
Paintings zero'ed
What does the history of painting look like when it is crunched to the lowest JPEG image compression?
God is a TJ
The bible from Project Gutenberg, Text Jockeyed.
Neuropolis N
TJ'ing art critic's output from Metropolis M.
Filling for paper documentation or W3 with artistic references.
Forecast to color
City + temperature forecast for 3 days = RGB value.
i am one of those people #sixwords
Twitter bot saying it in #sixwords
From a point of self examination
Interactive Twitter bot Markov chaining artist statements
Homage to "Homage to the square" by Josef Albers, every 8 seconds a refreshing one.
A nodeJS implementation of apfab's ZAP
Another person involved in a lot of these projects.
The inspiration for this page: the first website ever.
on the art you are watching
Getting code
Getting the code from GIT , etc.